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WebP Cloud now supports custom origin fetch headers

· Nova Kwok

In a previous article titled “WebP Cloud currently supports setting the User-Agent for fetching resources from the origin server on image CDNs, configuring CORS headers, and implementing Referer restrictions.,” we introduced support for setting the origin User-Agent (UA). Users can specify a specific origin UA and configure the origin server to respond only to that UA, achieving a functionality similar to a Pre-shared Key, thereby reducing the possibility of CDN bypassing.

Recently, during discussions with our clients, we discovered a scenario in practical situations where domains and SSL certificates are shared among multiple origin servers, but differentiating them through additional headers. For instance, there could be a unified endpoint named https://global-entrance.some-paas.cloud, which can respond to different backend services based on the X-Forwarded-Host header, as illustrated below:

With customizable origin headers, we can now:

  • Access different backend services through the same entrance endpoint using different headers
  • Configure headers to access origin services with Authorization
  • A/B testing: serving different content based on different headers from the same origin site


Users of the Dashboard can now directly see this feature on the Dashboard!


Users utilizing the API can find the method for creating headers at API Reference | WebP Cloud Services Docs.

As with all new features we introduce, WebP Cloud believes in providing equal access to all users. Therefore, whether you are a paid user or a free user, this new feature is now available to you!

The WebP Cloud Services team is a small team of three individuals from Shanghai and Helsingborg. Since we are not funded and have no profit pressure, we remain committed to doing what we believe is right. We strive to do our best within the scope of our resources and capabilities. We also engage in various activities without affecting the services we provide to the public, and we continuously explore novel ideas in our products.

If you find this service interesting, feel free to log in to the WebP Cloud Dashboard to experience it. If you’re curious about other magical features it offers, take a look at our WebP Cloud Services Docs. We hope everyone enjoys using it!

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