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WebP Cloud is now available in the United States region 🇺🇸

· Tuki Deng

In our article “Using Cloudflare Workers at the edge to enable services to source data from nearby locations – reducing global average latency.” published one month ago, we discussed how we utilized Cloudflare Workers to support our Public Service for the United States region, providing better access experiences for users in both the United States and China.

When WebP Cloud was first established, our inaugural client was an American company (we’re truly grateful for their trust in us), and that marked the beginning of our exploration into the possibility of offering services in the United States. Due to our enthusiasm for the ARM64 architecture and our appreciation of Hetzner’s cost-effectiveness, we had long hoped that Hetzner would eventually offer ARM64 services in the United States, making it a more natural and cost-effective choice for our operations in the U.S.

However, after waiting for quite some time without any developments, last month, we couldn’t wait any longer. As a result, we decided to exclusively use Hetzner’s AMD64 machines in the U.S. region, specifically the CPX41 model (4 * AMD EPYC vCPU, 16G RAM). Considering that the majority of our users come from China and the United States, and our usage of Cloudflare CDN often routes traffic for Chinese users through the western United States, we chose to set up our services in Hillsboro, Oregon, in the western United States region.

While we selected a U.S. region for our services, it’s essential to emphasize Hetzner’s commitment to data security:

Data security is our top priority. For this reason, we are the only ones in control over the usage of Hetzner servers in the data centers in Ashburn and Hillsboro.

Regarding security at the machine level, we have implemented the same practices as we do for our services in Europe. All machines disks are fully encrypted using LUKS, and only our team members Nova Kwok and Benny Think have the authority to access these machines.

Though expanding into the U.S. region entails higher maintenance costs for us, WebP Cloud firmly believes that all users should have equal access to our services, just as we have always believed in providing new features. Therefore, whether you are a paid user or a free user, the U.S. region is open for your use.

The dashboard has already been updated, and we hope everyone enjoys the experience!

The WebP Cloud Services team is a small team of three individuals from Shanghai and Helsingborg. Since we are not funded and have no profit pressure, we remain committed to doing what we believe is right. We strive to do our best within the scope of our resources and capabilities. We also engage in various activities without affecting the services we provide to the public, and we continuously explore novel ideas in our products.

If you find this service interesting, feel free to log in to the WebP Cloud Dashboard to experience it. If you’re curious about other magical features it offers, take a look at our WebP Cloud Services Docs. We hope everyone enjoys using it!

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