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We have launched Fly, Public Service's Hidden Services, and the experimental Tron payment capability

· Nova Kwok

Recently, both Shanghai and Helsingborg have been extremely cold, especially considering Helsingborg’s high latitude, resulting in reduced daylight hours and a temporary slowdown in our development progress.

The short days and long nights of winter with reduced sunlight can lead to disruptions in circadian rhythms and hormonal imbalances, especially an increase in melatonin secretion and a decrease in serotonin synthesis, thereby influencing mood.

Fortunately, the harsh weather hasn’t brought our development to a complete standstill. In this article, we will introduce new features derived during this period based on Public Service.


We call this service Fly, with the aim of providing a public and free service that users can experience without registering on WebP Cloud.

The usage of Fly is as follows: Suppose your original image URL is https://docs.webp.sh/images/webp_server.jpg. If you want your image to be optimized in WebP/AVIF, simply append this address to https://fly.webp.se/image?url=, like this: https://fly.webp.se/image?url=https://docs.webp.sh/images/webp_server.jpg.

As this is a public service, some limitations compared to WebP Cloud are imposed:

  • Fly supports a maximum original image size of 8MB, while WebP Cloud supports up to 80MB.
  • Fly cache time is 1 day, while WebP Cloud has unlimited time (can be manually cleared at any time).
  • It does not support parameters like blur, sharpen for image processing.
  • And that’s it.

Hidden Services

These are the Hidden Services of Public Service, primarily intended for the following users:

  • Websites using Onion Service.
  • Websites using Gravatar avatars but prefer users to access Gravatar through the Onion Service.

Gravatar address: http://webpsexi46nm57rrk4jw2hly7u7fcao4npojovn4zmhjqgxug62ygqyd.onion/

GitHub Avatar address: http://webpsekt5zoaix6yf4d5hyz6odzalqhodmaeasw4r5ft2rwfrivzw6qd.onion/

Note that both domains start with webpse.

Usage is the same as Public Service. For example, if you need to use a Gravatar avatar and your original address is https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/09eba3a443a7ea91cf818f6b27607d66, simply switch to: http://webpsexi46nm57rrk4jw2hly7u7fcao4npojovn4zmhjqgxug62ygqyd.onion/avatar/09eba3a443a7ea91cf818f6b27607d66, and the same goes for GitHub Avatar.


We have started experimenting with support for the Tron cryptocurrency (via HD wallet, allowing convenient management of wallets for all users in our system). Users can recharge Tron into their accounts after logging in, and as this is an experimental feature, we currently only support using Tron to purchase Quota Packages.

For instance, Nova Kwok’s address is THYgQZ5CJT3y3ZJmR2yS34cSh631PNvQ4N. After recharging, TRX can be used for payments on the Plan page.

The WebP Cloud Services team is a small team of three individuals from Shanghai and Helsingborg. Since we are not funded and have no profit pressure, we remain committed to doing what we believe is right. We strive to do our best within the scope of our resources and capabilities. We also engage in various activities without affecting the services we provide to the public, and we continuously explore novel ideas in our products.

If you find this service interesting, feel free to log in to the WebP Cloud Dashboard to experience it. If you’re curious about other magical features it offers, take a look at our WebP Cloud Services Docs. We hope everyone enjoys using it!

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